Warning: Mac-targeting ransomware

We have some disturbing news for Mac users today. There is a new ransomware virus on the loose that targets them. As you may know, most malware is designed to attack Windows users, that is why this new virus which infects Macs seems to be even more terrifying. But fear not as there is already some information about it and we are ready to share it with our readers.


According to latest reports, this ransomware has a name – OSX/Filecoder.E. Research done by analysts and various cybersecurity experts indicates that the virus is not distributed by email spamming. It is designed to infiltrate the system when the user is trying to download something via BitTorrent pages.

In case you’re downloading something using p2p (peer-to-peer) technology, then your device might have caught some suspicious applications. In addition to that, downloading anything from torrents is akin to playing Russian roulette since it is so easy to trick an unsuspecting or inattentive user into installing something harmful instead of helpful.

In this particular scenario, fake installers downloaded by the user open a loophole for the OSX/Filecoder.E to sneak in. After the installation of the program is complete, the user is asked to apply a «crack» by clicking on the bundled executable file. This way you are making all preparations inviting the virus to do his devious job. When installation circle is complete, the ransomware starts scanning the data on the infected device (on hard drives, network drives, and external ones too). Most valuable information gets encrypted with a public key, so you are going to need a private key to restore your files later. Hackers offer you to pay a ransom – all the details are written in the README!.txt files appearing in random folders.

The creators of OSX/Filecoder.E ransomware virus will charge 0.25 Bitcoin (approximately $292) for their decryption services. If the user is willing to speed up the process – he or she can pay 0.45 Bitcoins (~$526). In this case, all corrupted files will be restored in 10 minutes. At least that is what scammers promise.

Experts from ESET report a major flaw in the OSX/Filecoder.E virus. While other ransomware applications always contact their C&C servers in order to inform the mastermind about new victims and save private keys for decryption, this particular app fails to do so. It means that criminals cannot have any means of helping the victim after the ransom is paid.

Although this ransomware is designed for Mac devices, don’t let your guard down since it might also visit other operating systems. If you are not protected by advanced anti-malware programs or antiviruses, then just one wrong download or infectious link is enough to compromise your security. Don’t forget to create backups regularly! It is always good to have copies of your valuable files stored somewhere else besides your hard drive, believe us! This way no ransomware can spoil your day.

Information added: 02/24/2017 08:37 PM;