Popular News
Developers of CryptoWall ransomware earned more than $325 million for the last year
The team of researchers called Cyber Threat Alliance was formed last year and today they presented a report about the work of hackers, who are standing behind the ransomware called... Read more
News November 4, 2015
Locker trojan
Creator of Locker trojan apologized to all
An interesting story happened with the Locker Trojan that was recently activated and encrypted files on thousands of users’ computers. Locker was deactivated and have been hiding on users’ computers... Read more
News July 18, 2015
Attention! Fake Updates for Windows 10 contain malware
The official release of Windows 10 was a month ago, but hackers have been working hard to use the release of new operating system to their advantage. Experts from CISCO... Read more
News September 10, 2015
Popular Malware
How to get rid of Baidu.com hijack virus from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
Baidu.com is a website owned by Baidu Inc. Baidu is a big company founded in Chine back in 2000. Baidu offers various web services, such as Chinese search engine, Baidu... Read more
Browser Hijackers October 6, 2015
How to remove CryptoWall ransomware virus from your computer?
CryptoWall is another ransomware virus, similar to CryptoLocker. It can infect user’s computer by tricking users to open spam emails attachments, install fake updates or fake antivirus software. If your... Read more
Ransomware October 10, 2015
Ask homepage
How to remove Ask Toolbar from your Chrome, Firefox and IE (Removal Guide)
Ask Toolbar is a browser hijacker program that might appear in your browser as a search toolbar. You can also see it in browser extensions and it connects you directly... Read more
Adware August 8, 2015
Popular Files
What is fade.exe? How to remove it from my PC?
Fade.exe is not a system process, even though, it may have something related with Microsoft or Google in its description. However, if you see this process in your Task Manager... Read more
Files July 18, 2015
What is Cltmng.exe? Is it dangerous? How to remove it?
Cltmng.exe is an executive file-program for Windows Operating System. Exe is an abbreviation for executive files. Users should pay special attention when launching .exe files, because they potentially can change... Read more
Files August 26, 2015
Details about Moxgfjabg.exe
Moxgfjabg.exe is a dangerous Trojan that will disguise itself into Google Chrome process. If you check the description of it in Task Manager you will see that it belongs to... Read more
Files July 18, 2015
Latest Posts
Warning: Mac-targeting ransomware
We have some disturbing news for Mac users today. There is a new ransomware virus on the loose that targets them. As you may know,... Read more
News February 24, 2017
Pickles Ransomware: more dangerous than it sounds
The end of this week has been marked by the arrival of another ransomware virus called Pickles. There is nothing funny in this Python-based malware... Read more
Malware February 24, 2017
What is Unlock26 ransomware virus?
Unlock26 Ransomware virus has appeared on radars just recently, on 23rd of February. After infiltration, it launches a process named b1Z7gfdX0.exe that disrupts the system... Read more
Malware February 24, 2017
Ntk Ransomware removal guide
Ntk Ransomware behaves a bit different than other cyber threats of this type since it does not encrypt any files on the infected PC. Yet... Read more
Malware February 24, 2017
60% of Americans are cyber security experts
According to the latest State of Cybersecurity survey by Blumberg Capital, more than half of Americans claim to have a good knowledge about cyber threats,... Read more
News February 24, 2017
How to remove Hermes Ransomware?
The cunning Hermes Ransomware accurately replicates all the nasty arsenal of the modern ransomware applications. It shares a lot of similarities with Serpent or CryptoKill... Read more
Malware February 24, 2017
FadeSoft Ransomware removal guide
FadeSoft is a malicious application you definitely don’t want to see on your computer as it uses asymmetric encryption algorithms which make it more difficult... Read more
Malware February 24, 2017
TrumpLocker Ransomware – how to delete?
Surprisingly enough it is already a second ransomware associated with the Donald Trump theme. The second iteration seems to be more dangerous and sophisticated piece... Read more
Malware February 22, 2017
How to remove VHDLocker Ransomware?
VHDLocker ransomware is a bit different from other threats of this type. It exhibits a strange behavior for an encrypting program. It still targets valuable... Read more
Malware February 22, 2017
How to delete Serpent Ransomware?
Serpent Ransomware is a new step in the evolution of Hades Locker. It belongs to the same family of viruses that corrupt files on your... Read more
Malware February 22, 2017

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