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What is PUP(Potentially Unwanted Program)?

PUP is an abbreviation for Potentially Unwanted Program it is program that may contain some modules that can affect operation system and other programs. Also, on the Internet it is known as “grayware”.

Usually Potentially Unwanted Programs do not bring any damage to the user or computer, but they can intrusive and annoying. Typically PUP programs include some spyware programs that can collect information about user’s identity, advertising modules (adware), which can show annoying pop-up windows, programs that do not cause real harm to user’s computer, but can interfere with working or try to scare user with fake messages or pop-up windows. Also PUP include programs for remote administration, which can be used to connect to user’s computer by a third party and rootkits, which can hide the activity of the more serious viruses.

Potentially Unwanted Programs cannot directly harm your computer, however they can make a breach in your security system and let other harmful programs to invade your computer. That’s why we recommend removing PUP as quickly as possible. Here, you will find multiple removal guides for various PUP programs and automatic removal tools.