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Locker trojan
Creator of Locker trojan apologized to all
An interesting story happened with the Locker Trojan that was recently activated and encrypted files on thousands of users’ computers. Locker was deactivated and have been hiding on users’ computers... Read more
News July 18, 2015
24 Ransomware were already created based on the open source malware Hidden Tear
History of Turkish researcher Utku Sen and his open source malware continues. Recently hackers blackmailing forced the developer to remove from GitHub two ransomware applications created and published “for educational... Read more
News February 17, 2016
Attention! Fake Updates for Windows 10 contain malware
The official release of Windows 10 was a month ago, but hackers have been working hard to use the release of new operating system to their advantage. Experts from CISCO... Read more
News September 10, 2015
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Windows is no longer the most popular OS
The time has come to speak about today’s most popular operating systems. When people are asked this question – the most popular answer is obvious.... Read more
News April 4, 2017
Warning: Mac-targeting ransomware
We have some disturbing news for Mac users today. There is a new ransomware virus on the loose that targets them. As you may know,... Read more
News February 24, 2017
60% of Americans are cyber security experts
According to the latest State of Cybersecurity survey by Blumberg Capital, more than half of Americans claim to have a good knowledge about cyber threats,... Read more
News February 24, 2017
Lenovo has fixed vulnerabilities in their computer firmware
Lenovo has fixed two important vulnerabilities in the system software of their computers. Vulnerabilities can be fixed by the update LEN-9903 (Intel ME protection not... Read more
News November 28, 2016
Google and Samsung have fixed the vulnerability Dirty COW in Android firmware
Google has released an update for Android, Android Security Bulletin – November 2016, fixing multiple vulnerabilities in this mobile operating system. Same as with previous... Read more
News November 16, 2016
Hajime Trojan worm written in C can be controlled by P2P and infects IoT-devices
After the publication of the source code of Mirai Trojan, experts from Rapidity Networks decided to study the malware themselves and watch what other hackers... Read more
News October 31, 2016
HDDCryptor – ransomware which can overwrite the MBR on the victim’s computer
Last summer, Petya and Satana attracted a lot of attention of the experts and media. The main feature of both malware was that they were... Read more
News October 7, 2016
Trojan, disguised as a guide for Pokemon Go has been installed more than 500 000 times!
Trojan, disguised as a guide application for Pokémon Go for Android, was discovered by security experts from “Kaspersky Lab” in Google’s official Play Store.  Without... Read more
News September 22, 2016
Researchers from Sophos have found a hacker, who has been infecting other hackers with his own malware
Experts from Sophos company have told about an interesting case, which they have observed. During the monitoring of various hackers’ forums, researchers noted user, hiding... Read more
News September 8, 2016
Recently discovered another backdoor for Windows, which is using the components of Teamviewer
Few months ago, in May 2016 the experts from the company “Doctor Web” have discovered a new Trojan BackDoor.TeamViewer.49, which was installing the TeamViewer app... Read more
News August 21, 2016

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