How to uninstall FixPCOptimizer PUP from your computer

FixPCOptimizer is the name of another dangerous tool that was recently created. Although, some people might think that it is something new, but we can clearly state that FixPCOptimizer is a copy of AllPCOptimizer and it is developed by the same team. If you look closely on the websites, they are identical with only few words changed. So, if you have downloaded FixPCOptimizer to boost your computer’s startup speeds, clean up your computer from junk files and tune up your system – you were tricked and this program will only provide you with fake security alerts in order to scare you into purchasing the full version of the program which costs same as its predecessor $19.99.


FixPCOptimizer can be downloaded from its official website, as well as along with freeware programs. The last one is the most popular way of distribution of this program. FixPCOptimizer is not a virus, however it is considered as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) for several reasons. First of all, the distribution model if this program is notorious among adware and malware developers. Secondly, FixPCOptimizer was tested by many IT experts and all of them saying that it doesn’t have any beneficial traits. By other words, the program is meaningless and vacuous, it will doesn’t have any scripts that can scan your computer or improve its performance. The only thing that this program can do is to display fake alerts and that’s the main objective of this program. Once installed, it will write itself into system auto start and display various security pop-ups and other kind of disturbing messages to attract user’s attention and force him to buy the full version of the program, which does exactly the same – nothing. The only difference between full version and trail is that the full version will not bother you with annoying pop-up alerts, but keep in mind that you will have to pay $19.99. Do you think it worth it? Additionally, all of the phone numbers indicated on the website are dangerous to call. Professional cyber criminals might apply social engineering on your and get your personal information and get you involved into identity theft or other kind of crimes. During the purchase of the full version of FixPCOptimizer you will be providing your credit card information on the unprotected website to the third party. It is very dangerous and usually users’ credit cards will be stolen.

FixPCOptimizer is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that should be removed from your computer once you detected its presence. If you unable to remove it with native windows utilities, we are providing you with comprehensive and step-by-step removal tutorial that you can find below this article. However, we also recommend to use our automatic removal tool to scan your system for additional threats and remove all of them with just a few clicks.

FixPCOptimizer Removal Instruction

Automatic Removal for FixPCOptimizer

Symptoms of FixPCOptimizer infection on your computer can be: computer crashes, unusual homepage or search engine on your browser, unwanted pop-up ads and advertising banners. We recommend to download our automatic removal tool. This removal tool has been tested for FixPCOptimizer threat removal and it is easy to use.

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For quick and easy removal of FixPCOptimizer threat, we recommend to download SpyHunter 4 removal tool. SpyHunter 4 by Enigma Software is an anti-malware utility certified by West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification System. Enigma Software has been awarded by various media sources such as, USA Today, PC World and Our tests have proved that SpyHunter 4 has one of the supreme detection and removal ranks for FixPCOptimizer.

Removal FixPCOptimizer with the help of technical experts

If you have difficulty to remove FixPCOptimizer threat by using an automatic removal tool or you have any questions, you can call our professional technical support and they will gladly help you.
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