60% of Americans are cyber security experts

According to the latest State of Cybersecurity survey by Blumberg Capital, more than half of Americans claim to have a good knowledge about cyber threats, attacks, hacking and can express their opinion in general on this theme. After collecting the information and analyzing results analysts have discovered many surprising findings we’re going to cover in this article.


First of all, it is incredible how Americans tend to neglect the danger of cyber threats and don’t take them seriously. The majority of the respondents don’t spend time on educating themselves to protect their gadgets (stationary and mobile as well) from hackers. Furthermore, they have poor knowledge in other topics related to anti-malware protection and cybersecurity. This explains why the number of hacker attacks increases with each year; ignorance serves criminals. When people think they are educated and smart enough not to fall in the hacker’s trap, they become careless – and losing your guard is already a 50% to become infected.

To be more specific…

The State Cybersecurity Survey is a series of questions regarding the dangers and threats in the cyber world. Most participants proudly said that their knowledge in this field is on par with any specialists around. According to the results, people think that it takes one random antivirus program to be installed in order to be protected from anything. Moreover, practically no one believes that their devices have been hacked before. But if we look at the statistics and check cybercrime frequency in NA, it becomes clear that people don’t know what they are talking about lacking knowledge, experience, comprehension of the threat in general, not mentioning and the ability to admit it.

Just to be more concrete here:

  • 26% of the respondents admitted that their gadgets might have been hacked. While other said that they never had any problems with security.
  • After noticing weird computer behavior only 46% of respondents immediately informed their banks about suspicious activity. Others thought that changing passwords is enough.
  • Despite expressing confidence in their knowledge and experience, 87% of the survey participants admitted that they cannot recognize if their devices have been hacked without the expert’s help.
  • 84% of the respondents do not trust social network sites to be completely secure. The level of trust varies from low to extremely suspicious.
  • The most valued information for 84% of participants is their social security number.



Respondents of the State Cybersecurity Survey indicated that they believe that their data in various places can be protected by facilities themselves and no other measures are needed. People don’t believe that additional precautionary measures would lead to positive changes, thus why to waste time on them.

We’re sad to admit that people’s ignorance opens a lot of loopholes for hackers and malware creators. Although everyone is using gadgets today, only every fourth has some thought regarding cybersecurity. Other are more than vulnerable to viruses, worms, and other threats. We remind you to keep your cyber defenses up-to-date to protect systems and private information.


Source: securitymagazine.com.

Information added: 02/24/2017 01:30 AM;