Schoolboy hacked email address and gained access to personal information of the head of US National Intelligence

A hacker under the nickname Cracka, contacted journalists from Motherboard and said that he managed to gain access to a number of accounts owned by James Clapper – the head of US National Intelligence, including his personal email (as well as Clapper’s wife e-mail). Internet service provider account, as well as home phone number. As a result, a hacker claimed that he was able to change the settings, so that every phone call to the Clapper’s house are redirected to the office of the Movement for the liberation of Palestine.


“I am sure they don’t even realize that they were hacked” – said Cracka during online chatting with a journalist Lorenzo Fraceschini-Bicchierai.

However, a spokesman for the US National Intelligence Service said that the agency and Clepper itself are aware of hacking and transmitted the information to the appropriate authorities. He refused to tell any additional details. The FBI also declined to give any comments about the attack on the Clepper.

Hacker, also provided a journalist with a phone number that confidently belongs to Clepper. When Lorenzo Fraceschini called on it, the co-founder of the movement for the liberation of Palestine Paul Larudee answered the phone and said that people are trying to reach James Clepper are calling to his office for the last few hours. Also, he said that one of the callers said that he was in the house of a senior intelligence officer.

According to public information transmitted by the hacker, the phone number really belongs to the house of Clepper. Cracka also gave to journalist another number, which he said belongs to the wife of Clepper Susan. When the Lorenzo Fraceschini called on that number, some woman answered and said that she is not Susan, but she will call back.

Also, to confirm his hacking success Cracka showed some screenshots of personal Clepper’s email accounts as well as Verizon FiOS account that you might see on the image below.


Cracka also sent to journalists a log of phone calls to the home number of Clepper. In the list of incoming calls journalists found a number of Vonna Heaton – head of Ball Aerospace, who was formerly one of the leaders of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency of the USA. By calling this number journalist was able to reach Vonna Heaton, but she refused to answer any questions.

Schoolboy against the National Intelligence

Hacker Cracka, who attacked the head of US National Intelligence, is a member of a group called “Crackas with Attitude” (CWA). In October 2015, this group has claimed responsibility for hacking email-account of the director of CIA John Brennan. Attackers also managed to get access to several online tools and portals which are used by the US Intelligence agencies. Gained fame in the past year, Cracka and CWA claimed that their actions are aimed at supporting the “Liberation of Palestine”.

Cracka said that he is only 15 years old and studying in one of the American schools, and CWA includes six hackers, and all of the are students. Describing the hacking of the email account of John Brennan in AOL service, Cracka said that even a five years old kid could get an access to it.

“He is the head of large and powerful secret service, but was hacked by ordinary students”

Michael Adams – an expert in information security with experience for over 20 years in the US Special Operations Command, said that the attack is more like a deception through social engineering that the real hacking, however most of serious hacking begins with social engineering.

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