Identity of Bitcoin’s creator was finally revealed?

Enthusiasts and journalists tried to find out the identity of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto since 2009. The international Bitcoin-community has been constantly investigating for more than six years the identity of the Bitcoins creator and now, finally it is revealed. The creator of the popular cryptocurrency is a 44 years old Craig Steven Wright from Australia, since 2009 he has been hiding under a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright revealed his true identity, during his Skype speech to the unsuspecting public on the Bitcoins investors’ conference in Las Vegas. The appearance of a stranger, whose name was not listed in the list of speakers, was a real surprise. Even the moderator of the event, blogger Michele Seven was not sure that the public will understand who is in front of them.


Craig Steven Wright began his speech with a lengthy presentation of himself as “a former scientist, conducting unknown to anybody studies”. Michele Seven interrupted his speech with a direct question: “Wait a second, are you? The scientist in the computer science?”, “I do a little bit of everything” – answered Wright. “I have a master’s degree in law, statistics and several doctoral degrees…”

In order to finally force the speaker to reveal his identity Seven asked when Wright firstly learned about Bitcoin. After a pause, the speaker said: “I am very familiar with Bitcoin for a long time. I am Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin”.

For several years a lot of organizations and people were looking for Satoshi Nakamoto, but the name of Wright never appeared in the lists of “suspects”.  WIRED conducted its own investigation, confirming the authenticity of the statements of the Australian. “Either Wright really invented Bitcoin, or he really wants us to think so” – said WIRED.

A few hours after the release of WIRED article on Wednesday, December 9, Wright’s house in Sydney was raided by the police. According to Reuters, more than ten policemen entered the premises previously broke the lock. When journalists tried to get to the office belonging to the Wright Company DeMorgan and Panopticrypt Pty, they also met with the police. According to law enforcement officers, the conducted operation had nothing to do with the previous Wright’s statement on the Las Vegas conference. The reason – the issues related to tax fraud.

Earlier authoritative publications have attempted to learn the true face of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoins. In March 2014, Newsweek assumed that the creator of cryptocurrency is Dorian S. Nakamoto from United States. However, Dorian struggled to deny such insinuations. At the same time Wright for several years tried to drag the attention to his person. He was always resented by the fact that the whole world knows about Satoshi Nakamoto, despite only one published work under his name, while Wright himself was the author of many books on the subject.

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